Tuesday, 16 April 2013

finding my darkness (self reflection)

     It seems yet again my fellow that I write this, in a midst of momentary insomnia I'm true to applaud myself, to have found a new low in the domain of my thoughts and moral makeup. Perhaps to divulge it would allow my mind to stop hindering my bio-clock.

   I have no sympathy for the reaction of the dead in this recent bombing in Boston. In fact I hate it. Not really because I like the fact people died, but rather that people are making such a fuss of this. America is not the world, America is not the centre of good and God.

   One sees a people face bombings, not 2, nor even 3, but a great multiple, in Nations as Iraq, Yemen and Syria, yet the reactions are not but non-existent. How as an observer of existence and as one who's part of it not be shocked and bewildered. Am I to question if the American blood is greater than the one who dies by the American bomb? Is it disgusting for a man to reach such low to question these things in the 1st place?

    To put life against life. I will not stand for my nafs (ego) as it presides on this new low. How dare such an insignificant person as I, not see that the loss of life in such a way in a place where it is uncommon is bound to be of shock, I saw this in myself when the uprising in Bahrain began. I should at least be more understanding.

This is as far as my thoughts go for now. To where I end up I do not know. Lord have Mercy

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