Tuesday, 20 March 2012

my fall (self reflection)

It is very odd indeed the matter I have put myself in. I find it hard to comprehend and harder to articulate. To my parents it seems I have grown lazy and less independent, like a couch potato, and in some way that is quite true. The real issue is, what happened? what triggered the flip from professional hard working aspiring student to the flop of careless, fatigued me now.

I have no idea what to say at this juncture, it is quite a nuisance, a disturbance in the force if you will, it is odd , as odd as Edd's odd world Odyssey. .

These matters have transpired beyond my comprehension, through my mind and intellect. I am losing the war, after gaining so much grounds in battles, it might be true what they say, that what matters is who laughs in the end. If that was so, then the final whistle has not been made yet, the dust has not settled,,there yet few battles to fight, fewer than the past, we are getting there

We are getting there

 It seems as though the end is upon us, the sun is rising again. The vampires are disintegrating, the wolves are reverting, the sword is rusting, the skeletons are dying again. What is there to do I wonder again and again as I do , as I have  been Recently . It is just annoying

Annoying very much dare  I say. I think I’m falling, but who is there to pick me up, no parent, no friend, and surely no lover.

But My Lord the Lord of All is observing, intervening at His will, what is His plan have I been in wonder. What is  it I’m meant to do, truly I don’t know , I really don’t , If I did, I won’t be typing this gibberish.

But I smile moving on and on, I can’t let the loss phase me, I cant let my fear phase me. I must move on!!!. I can’t stop now, where I’m going….no clue. Wherever I’m lead, and by His grace, I give up the path for Him. Only He knows where I’m supposed to be. May He forgive my weakness, but I confess it , may He forgive what I have done to my parents, I have been a horrible son.

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