Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Dark tavern of souls

In the black tavern of sorrows we knelt
On seats of wonder and bewilderment
Though, in the darkness we could not see,
Yet we found our way to fill our casks,
That we may forget where we are.

In one night, a new guest arrives
A lady with fire in her hand
She smelt like the running water of clear rivers
And stood among us, as if awaiting the attention of all souls,
All whilst holding a fire that lit our dark cavern
We could not know who she was, nor did our minds grasp the words she said
However, our eyes did what they were born to do.
They gazed.

She spoke of things we did not know,
She spoke of dreams,
of aspiration, of people,
of Love
We feared what she said, but I stood up and shouted
“You speak of what we can never see, what will never be”
And she gazed upon my eyes, that were made for her
She said “Yet it is here”
And the fire she held in her hand kept burning

I stood angrily
Walking toward this lady of light,
My wonder and bewilderment ran away
Her voice became noise
Her smell soot
She threatened my despair,
My darkness
And eyes turned to me
So I put my hand in the fire
And it was no more.

And she never went

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