Friday, 23 November 2012

I Loved... (self-reflection)

I loved a lady once, but she left me because I was a reptilian man. Then I loved another, but she left me for another. Then I loved another, but she left for her heart did not incline to me. Then I loved another, but I did not hold her colour, so I loved another but she refused because I have yet to see what she sees, but after that I loved another, but her heart was solely driven to none but He. Finally I loved another, she even loved back, but then she left, because I was kind yet broken. In the end I found wishing not but to be Her shadow, to disappear by Her full embracing light. Only She loved me before I loved. Only She showed me the way when I was lost, even when I was not thankful. Only She comforted me with a whiff of the wine masters speak of. She taught me that earthly love passes, but His love is ever eternal, nay they even say He IS Love Itself. So rejoice poor wanderer, He will guide, pray She will also be your feet.

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