Monday, 20 June 2011

Defining the Radical

Picture of the awesome people who volunteered for the conference
     After attending FOSIS Annual Conference, I'm coming to a conclusion that this fear of non-violent "extremist" Muslims at home is all politics meant to distract us from the real threat to Britain and its freedom. Those who go to war against non-threats, killing innocents, claiming dominion, enforce ideology & separatism, calling all who dare to resist their foreign occupation a terrorist. Those who steal the wealth of others and dare to call you criminal if you wish to keep what is yours. Those who deem ownership over your life & property using fines, force and guns to impose this delusion. Those who wish to shape society by controlling what is taught to people when they are young. Those who make it unlawful to protect yourself from the aggression of others.

  Here I use this definition of terrorism:  "the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion" (source:

Please allow me to end with this, Radicals & extremists are all around us, in all shapes and forms, some are goths, & others are monks. Some are stoners and others are T-total. Some are anarchists, others are totalitarians. Some who dare to believe in a time of world peace, others who wish for humanity to perish. So if this is the case, and this is some of what makes up a free humanity in society, then by what measure can one judge our fellow free human beings as Virtuous or immoral? Good or evil?

Who's committing the aggression?

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