Saturday, 12 March 2011

God Vs Tyranny

The following is a passage from the word of God as I believe it to be, showing the attitude of God toward tyranny and how those who submit to him should act toward those who deny us freedom:

   "(6)But man exceeds all bounds (7)when he thinks he is self-sufficient: (8)all will return to your Lord. (9)Have you seen the man who forbids (10)[Our] servant to pray? (11)Have you seen whether he is rightly guided, (12) or encourages true piety? (13)Have you seen whether he denies the truth and turns away from it? (14)Does he not realize that God sees all? (15)No! If he does not stop, We shall drag him by his forehead (16)his lying, sinful forehead. (17)Let him summon his comrades; (18)We shall summon the guards of Hell. (19)No! Do not obey him: bow down in worship and draw close." [The Clinging Form 96: 6-19] 

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