Sunday, 27 February 2011

A matter of Death alone *reflection*

Hello and peace be upon you one and all =),

 Yesterday I was at an inspiring leadership conference organised by people who love God and love their fellow, and during that day This small reflection came to my mind, so I wished to share it with you, whoever who might read this:

    I will die. That I am certain. Yet, I do not own my death, but Yet, the life in which it takes is mine alone to dispose with as I wish. So who owns my death? Is it the person who will stab me in a dark alley? Is it father time? or shall it be a disease from mother nature? Or will my death be a result of some mistake a person makes whilst driving? Is my death the result of the magnificent entropy of this universe? Or is it just an incalculable incident that has no meaning?.

    Surely our death has meaning to each and every one of us. It might not matter to the stranger, but my death matters to me! who has my death in their hands to weave it at well? is it all what is around me, but me? waiting for a window of opportunity, waiting in that alley, watching me as I age, furthering the complexity of natures gifts, driving recklessly waiting for me to be on that same piece of tar.

   How can death be out of my control when my life is mine and mine alone?! yet I am more certain of my death than having a home, and having my faith with God. What does this all mean?

   Might I hazard a matter at will, that the ownership of my death is in the one who made the heavens and the earth to be? The one who created all nature and is beyond time itself, The one who gave life to me to own, cherish and live through. The one who controls the fabric of this expanding universe. The witness of the man who will stab me. The driver who will crush me. The disease that will kill me.

  Might I please add to all this, that if the preceding paragraph is to be true. Then fear of death is pointless, its coming is inevitable. Easier said than done however it seems to me.

 But if it is in the hands of who gave life it self. who made me free to love and hate, to be mistaken and correct, who gave me the mind to think, to be sad and happy, to be part of a group and a unique individual. To be the king of my life. Then might it be something to look forward to? to prepare for?

  Then the real question as it seems to me...What would you and I have prepared for death? or to put it in other words, what have we done with our lives thus far?

  I look forward to any comment an I do apologise for my downfalls ^_^

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